The impact of the Ottawa-Gatineau tornadoes


By Anthony Black, National Catastrophe Manager, RSA Canada

The Insurance Bureau of Canada reported the tornadoes that struck Ottawa-Gatineau on September 21 caused more than $295 million in insured damages to homes, businesses and vehicles. 

RSA Canada quickly responded to the devastation caused by six distinct tornadoes in the region. Utilizing our One Canada Vision at RSA, our property adjustors across the country banded together addressed the initial surge of claims and they continue to work closely with our preferred partners and our customers to provide a Best-in-class response. 

As part of our best-in-class property response, our  local Field Adjusters travelled to the area and met with our more severely impacted customers to ensure they were safe, provide guidance, deliver instructions and give advice – making their claims experience personal and customized. 

Our auto claims teams also reacted quickly to ensure our customers received the immediate help they required. In conjunction with our PDR partnership, our teams were able to facilitate minor repairs with no delay and arranged body shop appointments for the more severely damaged vehicles, hassle-free. 

All of our claims teams continue to work in a coordinated effort to get our customers back to their life’s regular routines, as quickly as possible.

Here is a summary of the impact: 

PA                   121 claims
PP                   398 claims
Marine           7 claims
CA                   6 claims
CP                   58 claims
TOTALs          590 claims
Closures        20% 
Cycle Time    11 days
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